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Transform and streamline your business operations to boost your efficiency, security, and revenue with our custom blockchain solutions. Our tailored blockchain solutions cater to your specific needs and let you explore new business opportunities to establish your authority in the industry.

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Accelerate your journey to success with our custom Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Security Solutions

We are experts in developing blockchain security software intact with industry standards for efficient distributed ledgers and secure cross-business transactions.

Public & Private Blockchain Solutions

Our developers are proficient in developing both public and private blockchain systems tailored to meet your business needs.

dApp Solutions

Get customized dApps integrated into your existing business systems for smooth and safe business collaborations, transactions and other operations.

Defi Solutions

Redefine your traditional financial system with a customized Defi solution to introduce decentralization, transparency, and peerless transaction into your business.

NFT Development

Leverage our diverse customized NFT development services to offer secure digital assets trading on the tamper-proof and immutable blockchain network.

Information Exchange Authorization Solutions

Get customized blockchain solutions to immutably and securely record data and automatically authorise information.

Smart Contracts Development

Integrate your business systems with secure pre-coded smart contracts for automation, increased efficiency and streamlined business process.

Digital Wallets Services

Offer your users a safe environment to store and transfer cryptocurrencies with a crypto wallet fortified with institutional-grade security protocols and powerful encryption to avoid thefts and safeguard users’ data.

Identity verification Services

Incorporate custom blockchain solutions that allow you to automate identity verifications and permissions across decentralized networks.

Distributed Storage Solutions

Store business data, transactions and other crucial information over an immutable and hack-proof distributed ledger.

Cross Border Business Services

Expand your business overseas with customized blockchain solutions that facilitate instant and cost-effective cross-border payments and transactions.

Cyber Attack Prevention Solutions

Enhance the security of your business systems and avoid cyber attacks with encrypted and highly secure distributed blockchain technology.

GDPR and SOX Solutions

Get blockchain solutions that secure the custody of sensitive business data and verifiable SOX-compliant executive actions.

Blockchain Exchange Services

We build feature-rich and reliable blockchain exchanges to create a secure environment for users to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies and digital assets as well as participate in ICO, STO, IEO and DSO.

Accelerate your business growth with our custom Blockchain Solutions

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Customized Blockchain Application Development

We design and integrate customized blockchain applications into your existing business systems to enhance business efficiency and create a safe and sound environment for smooth cross-business functioning.

Secured Applications

We leverage the latest blockchain protocols to create hack-proof and breach-resistant applications to manage sensitive data while preventing cyber-attacks and frauds.

BaaS Solutions

We offer Blockchain-as-a-service solutions to enterprises to avoid operational bottlenecks like resolving common errors, reducing heavy paper work and limiting time consuming processes by integrating automated workflows.

Reduce intermediatory costs

Our developers build robust private and public blockchain networks for business applications to securely exchange data, payments and other crucial records without any financial or intermediatory hassle.

Leverage custom Blockchain Solutions for Enterprises

At Digimeta, we develop reliable blockchain solutions customized as per your business needs and current industry trends. Our custom blockchain solutions are here to revolutionize diverse industries.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Finance

We develop customized blockchain solutions for the finance and banking sector integrated with powerful algorithmic platforms and P2P & SME platforms for trading, risk and loan management. Our developers also build proficient applications for faster payment processing, cheaper cross-border transactions and money transfers.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Real Estate

Our custom blockchain solutions for the real estate sector help to increase asset liquidity and verify property ownership with asset tokenisation and fractional ownership features that accelerate sales processes in the real estate industry and eliminate the need for intermediaries and costly & lengthy processes.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

We offer custom blockchain solutions for supply chain management to effectively track the journey of the products from the manufacturing unit to the shelf and eliminate unnecessary costs and intermediaries. Our solutions help businesses to reduce expenses, monitor product manufacturing and distribution, identify inefficiencies with counterfeit detection software, document digitization, digital certification & logistics tracking.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Retail

We help merchants with product verification, and safe payment transactions, and enhance data capabilities through custom blockchain retail & e-commerce solutions. Our solutions ensure cost-saving transactions, chain-of-custody data access, and secure cryptocurrency payments.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare

Our blockchain developers build custom blockchain solutions for healthcare in accordance with HIPAA guidelines to protect sensitive patient data, enhance clinical trial management and secure the exchange of patients' health data.

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Gaming

We are here to transform online gaming with our customized blockchain gaming solutions where we build robust and highly immersive gaming platforms for players to participate in exciting games, earn rewards, interact with each other, trade in-game assets, and create and monetize their creations on the platform. Our gaming platforms are embedded with high security against cyber attacks, DDoS attacks, and system failures.

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Benefits of Blockchain based Solutions

At Digimeta, we employ third-party blockchain software solutions to create secure, reliable, and scalable Blockchain Applications that support a variety of plugins, cut down on losses, prevent frauds, do away with high intermediary costs, increase local and global trade, and disseminate sensitive data.

Leverage the benefits of blockchain solutions for your business.

Immutable and hack-proof data record

Secure, transparent and peerless transactions

Instant and cost-effective cross-border payments

Streamlining and automating business processes

Eliminating the authority of unnecessary third parties

Transparent and fair conduct of business operations

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Tech stack that supports our custom Blockchain Technology Integrations

Custom Blockchain Solutions for Finance

Blockchain technologies

Blockchain Technologies transforming diverse industries

Blockchain solutions are disrupting industries and transforming them for a better future.








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Banking & Fintech

Media & Entertainment

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Supply Chain Management

Digital advertising

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Delivering blockchain solutions customized to realize your business goals.

We are the pioneers in developing global standard custom blockchain solutions to be integrated into your existing business systems for enhanced security, efficiency and automation. Our developers employ third-party blockchain platform APIs, the latest technology stack and utilities to build customized solutions for added scalability, flexibility and performance.

Core team of blockchain experts

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Access to latest technologies & resources

Customized blockchain solutions

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