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We help educational institutions enhance learning experiences by introducing innovative learning practices. Our developers are proficient in building educational apps that support your institution's learning programs.

Transform learning experiences in a hyper realistic learning environment

In this tech-savvy era, traditional learning techniques are no longer effective. The changing times call for a technologically backed learning medium that will allow students to understand the concepts better as well as enable teachers to monitor learning growth effectively.

Interactive learning experiences

AR/VR learning solutions

Mobile learning apps

Adaptive learning engines

Data analytics solution for educational institutions

Predictive analytics and reporting systems

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Our Edtech app development solutions

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting Management Software

Our team specializes in developing edtech software that enables educational institutions to track the performance of both students and teachers, along with all activity data. Our software produces powerful insights that can be used to improve productivity and overall performance.

Staff/Teacher Management Software

We have developed staff management systems that can help institutions manage faculty schedules, and staff attendance, and provide class reminders to staff. Our software also allows for the easy management of leaves and provides access to the syllabus for specific grades.

Real-time Collaboration and Video Communication

Our team has expertise in developing highly customizable scheduling and virtual meeting solutions that are based on WebRTC technology. These solutions are ideal for e-learning, corporate training, online assessments, and group collaboration.

Educational App Development

Using technologies such as React Native and Xamarin, we develop interactive and student-friendly mobile apps that include innovative features such as video-calling, live classrooms, and animated graphics for better learning.

Content Creation and Management Software

Our team has developed a robust content management system that allows faculties and admins to upload a wide array of content, including videos, images, animated graphics, GIFs, and audio. Using interactive plugins, faculties can upload content in different forms.

LMS Integration and Customization

We specialize in integrating third-party applications or tools, including virtual classrooms, voice-based communication, and digital blackboards, to improve the learning experience for students.

Remote Proctoring

Our team has built next-generation assessment and remote proctoring solutions that can integrate with your learning management systems (LMS) seamlessly. Our assessment and grading software services include the development of online test apps, biometric security solutions, and web-based mock test applications.

VR/AR-enabled Education Solutions

Our capabilities with VR/AR technology open doors for new opportunities in the education sector. We use this technology for highly customized recognition and realistic behaviour in real-time collaboration and virtual learning. We use computer vision paired with machine learning to build virtual environments.

Edtech app development tech stack we use to build next-generational learning apps


EDx, Moodle

MathJax, MathML,LateX

Wolfram Mathematica, Maple, Jmol

MarkLogic, Alfresco, Umbarco,

JavaCC, jSoup/jOOX, XSLT

DSpace, Wowza, Akamai CDN

TensorFlow, DLib, Keras, Torch

Unlock the power of innovative education apps with our Edtech software development services.

Explore how our edtech app development services can help your educational institution elevate its learning programs, monitor student growth and plan future educational schemes.

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