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Unlock Your Technology Potential with Digimeta's Blockchain Consulting Services. Benefit from Our Expertise and Technical Prowess to Tackle Your Toughest Challenges and Acquire the Skills Needed to Succeed in the Blockchain Space. Drive Long-Term Performance Gains and Sustainable Innovation.

Working together, we will see big ideas turn into working realities

Whether you are looking to make a foray into the blockchain space, select a protocol for development, launch a new decentralized product/service or just strengthen your presence in the market, partner with us for guidance. Our blockchain consulting services focused on areas like DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, decentralized gaming and web3 will help your business expand its core competencies and implement technologies better.

Our Blockchain Consulting Services

Our blockchain consultants understand your project-specific needs and help you identify the right blockchain protocol that suits your business case. We have helped 125+ startups and enterprises achieve success with our training workshops, prototype design, and blockchain proof of concepts.

Strategy workshop and training

Our team conducts blockchain workshops and live webinars to help you better understand blockchain technology, its potential use cases & utilization. We demonstrate how the blockchain can transform your industry with case studies of our projects.

Blockchain Consultancy

We examine your existing solution, identify the need for a blockchain solution specific to your business use case and analyze how blockchain will add value to your business. We suggest the right technology and the possible solutions for the proposed project.

Quick PoC

Our team creates a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the practical potential of your blockchain project in 4 weeks. The PoC helps clients understand how their blockchain ecosystem will work.

Blockchain Development

Once you understand the blockchain feasibility for your use case, you can move your project to development. As a leading blockchain development company, we develop and deliver scalable blockchain solutions to innovate your business operations.

Our Blockchain Consulting Process


We discuss the feasibility of your blockchain project with our blockchain developers and define the business goals and workflow for your system.


We analyze your existing solution and discover if it can be migrated to the blockchain. Our team assesses entire business procedures and identifies where blockchain can be applied to your use case.

Technical Component Definition

Our blockchain consulting team identifies the right blockchain platform based on your business requirements and the type of blockchain.


We create a framework and prototype to identify the use cases for the business with minimum viable features. The demo is used for the viability of a real solution.


Our Blockchain Consultants help clients identify if the blockchain technology can be integrated into their business operations and environment.


Once you are ready to start blockchain technology development, we help you build the blockchain product, from UI/UX to full front-end and back-end implementation.

Blockchain Development Platforms we work on


A decentralized public platform that runs dApps


Stellar is an open platform for building financial products that connect people everywhere.


An umbrella project of open-source blockchains to build enterprise-grade blockchain apps


Corda is an open source blockchain platform for businesses


The substrate is a blockchain development framework. We build relay chains, para chains, cross-chain bridges and dApps using Substrate, ink! and RUST.


Avalanche protocol enables the developers to build custom blockchain networks spanning private and permissionless deployments


Polkadot is an open-source web3 blockchain network for enabling interoperability and interconnectivity.

NEAR Protocol

Near is a smart-contract capable layer 1 blockchain designed to support next-generation dApp development.


Fair, Fast and most secured acrylic graph DLT solution for building EVM compatible, high speed blockchain solutions.


An Open-Source Platform for Decentralized Assets and Applications.

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